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 Identify two companies in the same industry that utilize social media. Compare and contrast their social media efforts. How does each organization use social media to differentiate the brand as well as advancing differing strategic goals?

    The two companies that I chose are two car companies, Jeep and Volkswagen. Jeep has a website at and Volkswagen has a website at Both sites use social media to represent their image. The methods are similar. The product images are very different.




   Jeep attempts to be the vehicle of the open American road. The theme of the website is Fun and Freedom. The font in the middle of the Jeep web page reads “ Fun and Freedom since 1941. The main page after that reads Explore Our History. The link is A click on that link shows the would be buyer how Jeep vehicles have been solid American icons in driving on and off road since the 1940’s as a war vehicle. The whole tab is rugged, historical, and simple. It paints a picture of Jeep interwoven into American history. The other tabs are Vehicles that showcase Jeep models and their specs, Shopping Tools, which allow on-line brochures to be downloaded and help find dealers, Capacity which has all of the towing and 4×4 information Jeep models boast, Jeep life which shows off parts and products on mobile apps, and ha slinks to Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, and Flickr and a great blog tab. The final tab is called Owners. This is a complete on-line service and warranty log-in to help the Jeep owner after the purchase. This is a great tab to help the Jeep owner feel that is always for them.

   In conclusion I found the social media efforts of Jeep to be broad, effective, and useful throughout the course of Jeep owner’s tie with his or her vehicle. The formats were great in the sense they had Jeep information for every kids of social media user. I also liked how the ongoing service and ownership support was on-line and available.




Volkswagen is the vehicle for the masses. It is the epitome of modern German engineering. The huge font greets you in bold letters in the middle of the page saying “Welcome at Volkswagen International.” A new red sports car is next to the title.  The image of the entry page is simple, sporty, and fast.  Volkswagen shoots for that brand makeup in all of the models the company produces.

  The main link that impresses me about VW and social media are the VW apps.  The link is . They are available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The mobile apps include games, catalogues, and the VW Magazine.  This is a great App page. I would like to see it developed in format to Android and Google Plus. VW should be broader in its apps to reach more prospective customers. That will help more people interact with the VW brand. Increased interaction surely sell more cars.

   Other tabs include Product World which touts new VW products, Innovation and Technology which shows what VW is working on for the future, Volkswagen Live which has VW videos , Events, major breakthroughs, and VW Forum. This tab is the main e- public relations tab of VW. I liked the forums and how one can interact with other VW owners. The final tab called Company contained all of the essential facts and figures about VW’s company profile and brand history.


    In conclusion I found the VW social media efforts modern, worldly, and slick. Some expansion is needed in formats to reach different types of technology users, but the image and framework of the VW on the social media front is very solid. The main difference in VW and Jeep In terms of the social media image is that VW uses social media as a tool to make VW look more modern, while Jeep uses social media to reinforce the history of its great American brand name. In this type of social media image setting the edge goes to VW as its goals are in tune with the image of social media itself, modern clean and enjoyable. The Jeep social media, however, was in more formats and carried the Jeep owner form original purchase throughout vehicle ownership. For keeping the longevity of the Branded social media, the edge goes to Jeep.




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The End of the Tunnel – Social Media and Progress

   The era of the buying tunnel is over. A buyer does not have to pin his hopes in a fulfilling product to a decent deal with a brick and mortar salesperson. Many different engagement points; reviews, blogs, consumer apps, and customer fan sites all now make a customer brand aware, breakdown product consideration points, and discuss how and where to purchase. How is this different form traditional marketing? The users and customers of the products themselves do all these engagement activities. The days of push marketing down onto product user as subjects are over. It is the customer, not the company, who will inform, compare and ultimately cause purchase or lack thereof in modern engagement marketing.

I really like Amazon. They have Facebook, Twitter, and Android Apps to make your time there easier.  What I really like are the actual reviews and rating by the people who bought and use the products. I often find peer reviews to be very helpful in seeing how a likeminded consumer may enjoy or not enjoy a product before I buy it. I try to be a brand advocate with the Amazon website. If I like a product I leave an honest positive review. If I didn’t no like a product I leave an honest review about what needs improvement. In these tough financial times it is vital that all of the buying power of a customer go to a product that serves the practical use it is intended to. Amazon helps you get a test drive out of the product via other people’s experiences. For that engagement I enjoy Amazon.

Actual Review Information for the Kindle Fire on

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It’s fast, easy to type on, very responsive, and has an excellent screen resolution. Kenneth Idskou | 1,849 reviewers made a similar statement

I also love that with my Prime Membership I can “borrow” one book a month and watch the streaming free movies/television shows that are included in the Prime deal. Shell6a | 950 reviewers made a similar statement

My only issue is that sometimes my touch doesn’t always seem to work and I am tapping the screen a few times. Philip Logiudice | 657 reviewers made a similar statement


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