The End of the Tunnel – Social Media and Progress

   The era of the buying tunnel is over. A buyer does not have to pin his hopes in a fulfilling product to a decent deal with a brick and mortar salesperson. Many different engagement points; reviews, blogs, consumer apps, and customer fan sites all now make a customer brand aware, breakdown product consideration points, and discuss how and where to purchase. How is this different form traditional marketing? The users and customers of the products themselves do all these engagement activities. The days of push marketing down onto product user as subjects are over. It is the customer, not the company, who will inform, compare and ultimately cause purchase or lack thereof in modern engagement marketing.

I really like Amazon. They have Facebook, Twitter, and Android Apps to make your time there easier.  What I really like are the actual reviews and rating by the people who bought and use the products. I often find peer reviews to be very helpful in seeing how a likeminded consumer may enjoy or not enjoy a product before I buy it. I try to be a brand advocate with the Amazon website. If I like a product I leave an honest positive review. If I didn’t no like a product I leave an honest review about what needs improvement. In these tough financial times it is vital that all of the buying power of a customer go to a product that serves the practical use it is intended to. Amazon helps you get a test drive out of the product via other people’s experiences. For that engagement I enjoy Amazon.

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It’s fast, easy to type on, very responsive, and has an excellent screen resolution. Kenneth Idskou | 1,849 reviewers made a similar statement

I also love that with my Prime Membership I can “borrow” one book a month and watch the streaming free movies/television shows that are included in the Prime deal. Shell6a | 950 reviewers made a similar statement

My only issue is that sometimes my touch doesn’t always seem to work and I am tapping the screen a few times. Philip Logiudice | 657 reviewers made a similar statement


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