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The company I want to showcase is for a social media makeover is Jeep at The company site has a Jeep blog on one of its panes. It has side pane with a link on Facebook, You Tube, Google, Flickr, and Twitter. All of these efforts, however, are secondary to the Jeep theme that it is a historical American Icon. I think that Jeep is a very important American icon. I do feel that Jeep is missing its main point that it is a modern vehicle of fun for everyone. I would update the social media campaign of the Jeep website to show the modern uses of Jeep vehicles in a fun and interactive way. I would put the fun of the Jeep brand front and center, and use social media to do that.

The main area of the current Jeep website has a title that states the heading, “Fun and Freedom since 1941 – Explore our History.” The whole background of the website is very passive and nostalgic. It is almost as if Jeep wants to focus on the past rather than now or in the future. The specs of each model are shown in a very calculated and clinical way across the main pane. You can spin the vehicles to your model’s desired picture, click on the specs, and find a dealer, a price, or get financing. There is a finance calculator as well, which is interactive at least, but not at all exciting or emotional.

Payment Calculator

                        Estimates are based on your zip code:   

Jeep- American Excitement to Trek the World in.  

I would revamp the title to be modern and worldly, while honoring Jeep’s legacy. I would have a title which inspired emotion such as “Jeep- American Excitement to Trek the World in.” I would show all of the models with YouTube videos right on the tab. I would title the videos by the driver’s first name to make them personal and fun, such as “Zach tames the mud in his Liberty” or “Joanne tames Mexico in her Wrangler.” This regular named video allows people to relate in a way that inspires them and make them feel that if the average Jill or Joe can do it they can too. I would have some exciting and modern music around the site. If people like the music they will associate the music all the way to the dealer to buy.


The music alone won’t make them buy, so I would put the Jeep blogs front and center. Let the feeds spill out onto the web page, showing the excitement that Jeep has to offer. Forget the payment calculator and the dealer locations as the only link available. Show that would be buyer what actual users of your product, Jeep drivers, feel and enjoy while they are driving through life. Ford does well with its test drive ads, showing regular people enjoying the “new” Ford vehicles. Mazda shows people driving to the sound on a healthy engine and a whisper of “Zoom Zoom.” These ad campaigns are regular and inspiring on an enjoyable and emotional level. Bringing the modern enjoyment of Jeep the social media where the masses are, and allowing them to see and hear real people enjoying their brand will allow the great history of Jeep to gain mass buying appeal to a whole new generation of drivers.

Outcomes- So can we do this Social Media Initiative?

The answer is a resounding Yes! can be developed in a way that is both realistic and sustainable. I would start with a bold and modern font and redo the center title to say “Jeep- American Excitement to Trek the World in.” This would be done within the proprietary web program that Jeep uses. It is an easy yet vital fix, like a Newspaper headline, to get the website reader to think and react to the Jeep brand name in a modern and worldly way. Jeep is a new and exciting name, not just an old nostalgic one. It is wise to focus on the Jeep excitement using social media. Let us look at some updates using You tube and blogs that can modernize the Jeep brand experience.

Jeep currently has blog pages at . The blog is a mix of public relations, Jeep questions, old Jeep ads, and other posts. The only common theme to the blogs are that they are related to the Jeep name. I would organize the blogs by the vehicle models and encourage everyday drivers of each model to tell their story of all of the fun and exciting adventures that they have with their Jeep. I would put a monthly showcase at the top of the blog which would be chosen as a strong story towards the Jeep and the model. I would also have a You tube video showcase. I would put a You tube video with a Jeep driver submitted mini epic on how they “trek the world” with their Jeep. To keep the entries Jeep focused I would run a contest with cash and prizes monthly for great blog stories and great Jeep mini trek videos. It will be a great way to motivate the user submitted content on both the blog and the video. The user content of viral video and Jeep driver blog is both real product user testimonial as well as sustainable low cost advertising for the Jeep product.

It is important to point out that this is social media advertising. All posts will be viewable and scrollable. All videos will be uploaded to the Jeep website so long as they are pertinent to the Jeep experience. The showcase of the Jeep videos and the blog pages at the top of each vehicle model, however, should focus on two aspects of Jeep excitement that is lacking in the main pages of the current web site. The showcased blogs and You tube videos must be exciting and worldly. Users who see a Mexican girl and her social crew trekking the Baja in her Wrangler will realize that Jeep is a world name which truly promises anything is possible with a bit of adventure. Diversity of age, gender, country, and terrain should be respected in the showcased blogs and videos. It was great that Jeep’s kicked butt in World War II for the US Army. We want Jeep to perform excellent for your everyday world adventure as well. Ty Ray

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The number one goal of a business is to make money. If it is to survive and prosper then a product must be good value and generate new customers to sustain itself and its company. A recent Mashable article showcased a great trend which, as a marketing professional I would recommend to a company in order to increase revenue and sales. They are Targeted, Geo-Mobile Coupons. The personal and targeted nature of these marketing offers from a business take a new frontier, social media, and use it to expand a customer base of a business. Brand parity is achieved through social media with both the brand name as well as the value offer.  Let us look at this emerging social media trend in detail.


Groupon, Living Social, and the rest of the email deals give you little cause to stop and buy. More often than not these email offerings are little more than common spam in your email now.  In 2009 Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai decided to take the coupon out of the email. They use your mobile device to check in and get discounts. The GPS function of the mobile device on a foursquare member will give them instant discounts which are relevent to what they seek to buy and local to them. No more one way communication and no more email spam to any email which signed up.


The trend of this specific and geographically targeted mobile discount is smart, personal, and environmentally friendly. Any company with a mobile app should take advantage of the GPS ability in a mobile device and target a new customer the same way. Jeep owners in Maine should be able to get service deals at Jeep dealers in their areas. Comcast customers in Philadelphia PA should be able to get three pay per view movies for twelve dollars in a weekend. All of these offers are specific to what the mobile phone knows are the consumers needs as well as where they live. The mobile aspect of the offers saves on paper coupons and does not allow for passive email spam. It achieves the number one goal of any brand. To add customers and generate revenue.  As applications go more mobile and mobile data is the norm, it is vital that these specific mobile targeted coupons become the norm over the old spam email. Customers will appreciate them and use them and the company will prosper for its diligence and forward thought. Ty Ray







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