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The social media landscape is continually changing. Identify and discuss one implication for brands that you see going forward and how this might impact a company’s existing social media strategy. Is this implication a result of changes in human behavior, changes in technology, or both? Why?

As media and data become more and more mobile, location based services will become more popular. Some of the mobile applications include,   a location based rewards application, which pops up various discounts and rewards to the bargain shopper with a tech savvy device.  Another application called  which uses location targeting, also called geo targeting to “push” local messages to device wielding users in certain locations. Of course one can always check in with foursquare  and see what local deals are available all around the area that they check in from. The social media interaction potential with location based technology is endless.

The reason for the rise in this type of social media is simple, we are connected as well as mobile. Every level of demographics usually has some sort of mobile device and uses it. A smart company will tap into its desired demographics at key zip code locations. Popular and up and coming programs often generate buzz. The information and discounts that a smart company can put onto those platforms will turn the social media application’s buzz into the company’s measurable and traceable return on its investment (ROI).  For these reasons and the human trend of mobile data devices, location base services are smart money spent by a company. Ty Ray



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It is the start of the football season. The website that does well for its social media initiatives is The National Football League brand website at . The National Football League is an American icon in the world of sports.  The site is active, in real time, and quite interactive. It is full of all kinds of widgets, plug ins, and badges that allow the NFL consumer to interact with the company brand.

So what is viral marketing? “Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence.”(Wilson 2012) In short, viral marketing is making sure that you allow your message to be shared, commented on, interacted with, and taken to the masses.

The site has a “pick em” section. Pick em is when a person decides who will win the game mentioned. The NFL site allows for the fan to not only puck the winner of said game, but also to make their own comments as to why you think your team will win. Comments can be posted as well as liked. This interactive content allows for fans to stay involved with the weekly games all season long.

The site also has a Fantasy Football section. A fan can pick a fictitious league online with friends. The league player choices and the stats are updated in real time weekly. The league as well is the weekly standings can also be posted on Facebook’s for peers to see and comment on. This is a great team building application which can be enjoyed by any football fan. The social commenting ability on the player’s choices allows any football fan to be involved in the fantasy football application.

There are NFL reporters on the site who post on Facebook and Twitter. One recent example said “From Twitter-Lot of good signs for Alshon Jeffrey. In 2 WR sets on goal line. Just ran away from 3 defenders on 34-yd gain. @greggrosenthal Gregg Rosenthal Retweet. The example post allows the NFL fan to do many things. The fan can like or dislike the comment. If they want to they can make their own comment about that person and what they said. They can also “retweet” or resend the original comment from their own Twitter accounts.

A contest is a great way to make a website achieve a great interactive draw. “Free” is the most powerful word in a marketer’s vocabulary. (Wilson 2012) One such contest on is the “NFL Rush Fantasy Football Game.” . This is a great spinoff on the office classic. It is a head to head online fantasy contest, with prizes from the NFL for winning. The prizes include NFL gear, NFL tickets, as well as school scholarships.  The roster, league choices, and leaderboard are all real time and interactive.  This is done through what is called “the comment box.”  Says the sites comment box rules “Comment Box: All Fantasy users will now have the ability to post comments and connect with fellow players via a comment box that lives on the right side of the LEADERBOARD tab. Additionally; there will be a comment box on the LEAGUE tab, where users who belong to the same league may leave comments for other users in their league.”

A great interactive aspect which is unique to is the “Everything to Prove” page. It is located at and is an amazing depository of the NFL real time video, web updates, background on each player and player Tweets. All of the videos can be viewed, commented, and shared. People feel like they are part of the NFL first year players drive to prove themselves.  Twitter, Facebook, as well as mobile devices can all be used in this viral gem.  An example of this interaction is rookie QB Andrew Luck posting right on the page through his Twitter account. He writes “@nflcolts-Driving past the site of tomorrow night’s game, Heinz Field. Game time 8pm Sunday Night on NBC #COLTSTRONG about 5 hours ago”. The last link is posted to the popular picture site Instagram, and shows the Colts getting off the plane. This is a great way to project relevance for both the Colts team as well as Andrew Luck. It also puts the fan front and center in a timely manner.

The “Everything to Prove” viral video is a great interactive NFL page. It is located at . Each piece of footage is able to be shared as well as recommended.  This shows great football footage of the players in action.  The viral video D3 Designs says “A viral video can be twice as effective as written material.”  The reason for this is that most people remember what they see more than what they read. If this concept was not true then television would not remain as popular as it is today.  (Dwase 2012). These videos can even either be directly emailed to a friend or posted on any social media site.

What can viral videos do for you brand? It can breathe new life, as well as ad personality to your brand. Old Spice was older brand geared towards elderly men until the brand launched its “The Man You could smell like” campaign. This viral ad series featured young and athletic men describing Old Spice as a “mans” smell. The ad projects Old Spice as the product for the desirable man. Product reinvented. is successful in its ability to turn itself into a young raw brand. By allowing all content to be given different measures of interactivity, allowing its content to be shared, and making its information real time form both the player and the team standpoint, the NFL is now the people’s brand. Anyone who goes onto the site is going to feel like part of the National Football League. They are going to share the excitement and buzz with their friends and family, as well as social media as a whole. This is not the old, historical, pigskin site of old. This is the new, interactive, and viral NFL.  Touchdown!


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       Visa has a great ad with Go World 2012. In the ad it directly touts both world athletics and its sponsorship of the Olympics for 25 years. The ad is filled with athletes from all over the world trover the world working their hardest at the sport they are in. The words in the ad are narrated by Morgan Freeman. This is a very worldly, inspiring, and image building ad for Visa. Per Advertising Age, the online ad reached 4,229,291 people in the week of August 8th, 2012. This was also the week of the London Games so it coincided with current world events, allowing the Olympic frenzy to feed into enthusiasm for those products which are related to it. The ad very effectively ties the Visa brand to the common motivations and behaviors of anyone routing for Olympic athletes, or anyone trying to do well. The timing, images, and the narration make this simple massage of Visa and its history of sponsorship of the Games a winning viral ad.

      The business initiative is clear for Visa in this ad. It says, “We are a world class brand that gives back to the world community.” It also links the peak performance of world class athletes to a world class company like Visa. Thirdly it projects itself as a long established world brand by saying that it has sponsored the Olympic Games for over 25 years. This ad certainly links world athletics to the world bard of Visa. It uses imagery and words to show Visa as an established world credit card brand. Anyone seeing this ad would think that Visa is the credit card to use all over the world. Ty Ray


Visa “The Difference” Go World 2012

The Top Ten Viral Ads of the week of Aug 8th, 2012

    I found a recent Mashable article which takes a close look at search engine optimization.  It is important to note that old links, link buying, as well as link volumes have been ways to rise up in search engine results in days gone by. (Snow 2011). Social media surely affects search engine optimization, says both Bing and Google. Both search engines admit that the measured search engine results are affected in a positive way  by many social signals. These include Twitter tweets, Facebook Likes, as well as +1s.

    With social media, the search engine information comes from common users. Social media allows people to share information in an engaged way, and in real time to others.  Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, said in a recent interview. “Social media allows for people to provide more trusted signals.”(Snow 2011)

   So in the early days of Digg Excite and Webcrawler, users voted on what content became the top priority within its search engine application. As spammers try to mask themselves as useful results, user rated content allows for the legitimately usable links to shine through the clutter. Taking user generated social data into account when serving search engine results can only help promote useful links.

Ty Ray


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