Visa has a great ad with Go World 2012. In the ad it directly touts both world athletics and its sponsorship of the Olympics for 25 years. The ad is filled with athletes from all over the world trover the world working their hardest at the sport they are in. The words in the ad are narrated by Morgan Freeman. This is a very worldly, inspiring, and image building ad for Visa. Per Advertising Age, the online ad reached 4,229,291 people in the week of August 8th, 2012. This was also the week of the London Games so it coincided with current world events, allowing the Olympic frenzy to feed into enthusiasm for those products which are related to it. The ad very effectively ties the Visa brand to the common motivations and behaviors of anyone routing for Olympic athletes, or anyone trying to do well. The timing, images, and the narration make this simple massage of Visa and its history of sponsorship of the Games a winning viral ad.

      The business initiative is clear for Visa in this ad. It says, “We are a world class brand that gives back to the world community.” It also links the peak performance of world class athletes to a world class company like Visa. Thirdly it projects itself as a long established world brand by saying that it has sponsored the Olympic Games for over 25 years. This ad certainly links world athletics to the world bard of Visa. It uses imagery and words to show Visa as an established world credit card brand. Anyone seeing this ad would think that Visa is the credit card to use all over the world. Ty Ray


Visa “The Difference” Go World 2012

The Top Ten Viral Ads of the week of Aug 8th, 2012