The social media landscape is continually changing. Identify and discuss one implication for brands that you see going forward and how this might impact a company’s existing social media strategy. Is this implication a result of changes in human behavior, changes in technology, or both? Why?

As media and data become more and more mobile, location based services will become more popular. Some of the mobile applications include,   a location based rewards application, which pops up various discounts and rewards to the bargain shopper with a tech savvy device.  Another application called  which uses location targeting, also called geo targeting to “push” local messages to device wielding users in certain locations. Of course one can always check in with foursquare  and see what local deals are available all around the area that they check in from. The social media interaction potential with location based technology is endless.

The reason for the rise in this type of social media is simple, we are connected as well as mobile. Every level of demographics usually has some sort of mobile device and uses it. A smart company will tap into its desired demographics at key zip code locations. Popular and up and coming programs often generate buzz. The information and discounts that a smart company can put onto those platforms will turn the social media application’s buzz into the company’s measurable and traceable return on its investment (ROI).  For these reasons and the human trend of mobile data devices, location base services are smart money spent by a company. Ty Ray



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