This is a great article by Beverly Macy of the Huffington Post highlighting social media for business in terms of what trends she sees in store for 2012 business on this front. It has great concise breakdown with regards to the power of real time, the global social brain, content curation and discovery, and educating in social media.

One of the great points of this article is both that social media is here to stay and that a company should now have a “knowledge baseline” in social media. This is a working knowledge of social media processes and functions that allows a company to make informed decisions and changes which involve and benefit ROI through social media. In other words, the company cannot afford to just talk the talk with social media; it must know what it is doing. A company which just goes to a set the web site up and move on type of approach will suffer. Those social media sites which are interactive are the ones that will excel in terms of ROI. If a company cannot handle such tasks in house, Beverly says, then get a consultant to help them. The work is vital and must be taken seriously in 2012 to add to the total marketing portfolio of a company. Some of the students of social media now will be encouraged that they will become the teachers of tomorrow. Adapt or die. Ty Ray