When a person makes an odd post on social media, they are expressing their personal opinion. When a person engages in the same activity on a corporate blog or social media, the whole brand that they are involved with becomes tainted. Even though mistakes of this type are hard to repair, there are steps that a company can follow to keep the management of its social media network under control after a gaffe.

Step One – Recognition

It is important to acknowledge what the problem is and where it came from. If it was an employee then it is important to take care of the issue with the employee right away. If the offense is from a third party then it is equally important to get in contact with said party and right the wrong. Don’t ignore the issue or it will take on a life of its own and get worse.

Step Two – Take Action

Once you know what the problem is the way to respond is quickly. Put a reply on whatever format the gaffe was on. Then follow the reply up with an official and formal apology. This should be inclusive of three facets of content. First, it is vital to project your understanding and acknowledgment of the mistake or problem. Secondly, it is important that affirmation that you have learned from the situation is detailed in the account. Lastly, and the most vital, it is important to show the steps you’re taking to correct the issue and prevent similar issues from happening in the future. These steps are simple and can help a company get past the present ordeal.

Step Three – Learn for the Future

After a mistake is fixed, it is vital to put a social media policy in place. That way the social media process will continue, but in a manner that does not jeopardize the company or the brand at hand. It is also important to realize that social media needs to be managed. Ashton Kutcher recently handed over his social media activities to a management company after posting some comments on Twitter that were considered uniformed and insensitive. He quickly apologized online but also handed over future social media actions to a social media management company. It is important to know how to leave the control of social media to those with the public relations skills to administrate it.

The bottom line is that everyone makes mistakes. Even a company or person can make mistakes on social media. The important thing to always keep in mind is that you want to clean up the mistakes in a way that is timely as well as is honest. The game plan discussed here is a good way to get past mistakes in social media. ty Ray